Essay For Health Profession

I have many many students who say I didn’t know I didn’t know so what you want to do is learn how to write in different styles and learn how to write across your career so we’re going to talk this one here so what happens is I see a lot of students who are taking the writing from high school that got them into college and they’re trying to use that same writing to get into a health profession and that means you’re four years behind but what I’m trying to do is to get you to write 40 years older than you are more sophisticated so they really go wow so the reason we look at this differently is because we have different perspectives the student thinks what do I want to say what do I want them the admissions committee to know about me. Learn what`s different about health essays onĀ Edusson.

And I’m thinking on the admissions committee what do I need to hear and I’m noting consistent differences in the way students think and in the way an admissions committee member might think so you really want to convince them that you know what this career entails it’s the job of an admissions committee to choose very well okay it costs a fortune for all of these institutions to train you much much more than your tuition and we need to know that you really know what the career is as I say the depth and the breadth the dedication the commitment the long hours the joys and the sorrows and you can’t just say yeah I’m dedicated I’m committed I’ll work long hours I know it’s tough you have to give them the data and then not let them draw the conclusion convince them with the data the way I tell my advice this is students get stuck thinking in terms of a to-do list so yes we’re going to look at your GPA we’re gonna look at the admissions committee my admissions exam we’re going to look at whether you’ve done research and then everybody is told well you should shadow.

And you should volunteer and and if you think of this as a checklist well it’s I did that I did that I did that and then you hope that if you have a checkmark in every box you’re going to be admitted and I find that does not work well because the term shadowing and volunteering don’t really convey to you what the admissions committee is looking for so shadow is experienced in any health-related setting with anybody of the healthcare team not just a physician not only a PA not only a dentist nurse practitioners physical therapists everybody the big key words here are health care team it takes the entire village to make someone well so shadowing or getting in any experience like that is great maybe you work with an organization who helps people who are underinsured anything health related not only a clinic or a hospital I also have giving back here I’ll talk about that in a couple of slides as well.

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